About Us

We are maximisers. We’re out on our own journeys to maximise – be the best at what we choose and care about the most – whether it be our impact, voice, potential, ideas, influence, well-being or more. Because when we maximise ourselves in our inclusive teams, RapidShop is able to deliver the best imaginable value for our customers, stakeholders and the planet!

Leave A Mark


We’re known more by the impact we createthan the titles we hold. Impact that is brought byworking together on audacious challenges at scalewith an aim to revolutionize for the Indian customer.We believe great ideas can emerge from anywhereand must be backed. Our people – backed by ourculture of end-to-end ownership – have revolutionisedIndia’s e-commerce sector – several times over!

Experiment Learn Grow

Our journey of building India’s unicorn start-up has been full of successes, but also failures and learning from them. That’s why there’s calculate drisk-taking, a high willingness to learn and improvise,and a growth orientation built into everything we do.Whether it be opening a new warehouse, or making our mobile app a bit more consumer friendly, we’re always experimenting, learning and growing!

Work With The Best


The best people make the best teams. And we put allour efforts into finding the right people that fit intoour high-performing inclusive teams. Everyone has avoice on the table and diversity of thoughts, stylesand actions is celebrated. From a category leader to awishmaster, we are all bound together and guided byour values of audacity, bias for action, customer-first,integrity and inclusion.

Our Mission

We are focusing for our society that we always provides our society best , cheap and branded products . we are not like that website which just steeling money from our society. We are always with you just support us!

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