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You may think that all speed bag platforms are the same, however, there are defining factors that make the best speed bag platform. They differ in various components and factors and while you may not notice it, their small changes are actually affecting your speed bag training.

As such, I have created a comprehensive buying guide for the best speed bag platform for your needs. Read away to find out what makes up the best speed bag platform and which product is the best speed bag platform!

Reviews of Best Speed Bag Platform

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This platform from XMark is one of the top contenders for the best speed bag platform and it isn’t hard to see why. First, it is so durable as this speed bag platform is made from steel frames rather than wood, unlike most other models.

To be precise, it is made from eleven gauges of steel frame, the exact definition of rock-hard. Once attached to a wall, the XMark will surely able to resist all your hard punches without even moving a single inch, unless you configure it to.

It’s the same width as most speed bag platforms at 24 inches but is thicker coming in at 1.5 inches. If you’re also worrying that this platform might be too noisy when being beaten up, fret not as it has a feature that lowers down vibration when the bag is being hit.

This means that it works hard but quietly. It can also be considered that this is one of the most silent speed bag platforms in the market.It also features a 15-inch adjustable height platform which is a big difference compared to most other speed bag platform models.


  • Made from eleven rock-hard gauges of steel
  • Adjustable vertical platform of 15 inches
  • 1.5 inch thicker than most platforms for better durability
  • Top-quality swivel already included
  • Doesn’t vibrate much
  • One of the most silent speed bag platforms, if not the most


  • The speed bag isn’t included with the platform


This speed bag platform is also one of the top contenders for the best speed bag platform, and it isn’t hard to see why. First, it has a 24-inch diameter platform that can freely fit any speed bag no matter how big it is.

The platform is also reinforced by a very comprehensive padding made from rubber to secure it.The frame of this speed bag platform is constructed from rock-hard steel and uniquely coated with strengthening powder to last longer in the training gym.

For setups, it includes everything that you need in order to mount it. It comes with all the hardware including brace boards.

The strike board itself is 1 inch thick as to accommodate different types levels of boxers. If the product doesn’t meet your needs, fret not as it also comes with a 2-month warranty.


  • High-end swivel is included with the platform
  • Mainframe is made from sturdy-grade steel which is reinforced by strengthening powder
  • Perfectly accommodates to all levels of boxers
  • Rubber padding is secured in the platform end-to-end.
  • Height is easily adjustable thanks to spring-lock mechanism


  • Hardware for setup and speed bag is not included


This speed bag platform is considerably one of the thickest speed bag platforms in the market coming in at 2 inches thick and 23 inches in diameter.

It is composed of dense wood and its mainframe is constructed from durable steel to offer a huge amount of stability.The height of this speed bag platform can also be adjusted up to 13 inches.

The whole platform itself is augmented with a very strong guard to protect itself from damage. The 2-inch thick platform can also rotate 360 degrees, which is perfect for just about any type of boxer.

It also comes with a speed bag, tools for setup, and instructions, so setting this speed bag platform won’t be that much of a hassle.


  • Made from a very thick 2-inch platform; frame is made from steel
  • The platform is reinforced by a ring guard for endurance
  • Adjustable height of 13 inches
  • Speed bag is included
  • Setup materials and instructions are included


  • Swivel may often come loose


This speed bag platform incorporates a professional-grade swivel and a very resistant platform for all your various levels of training. This platform’s height is adjustable to 12 inches too.

The frame is created from solid steel and features a unique V-Frame that is made from 11-gauges of steel and a 1 and ¼ inch thick wood platform.

The unit itself comes in various colors if you’re also looking for aesthetic appeal. The platform itself also has 24 inches of diameter to fit any speed bag that you want no matter the size.


  • Stable as it features a V-frame created from 11 gauges of steel
  • Platform is 1.25 inches thick to suit any intensity of training
  • Height is adjustable by 12 inches
  • Features 3 different color schemes
  • Comes with professional-grade swivel
  • Doesn’t vibrate much during training


  • Does not come with a speed bag


This durable competitor for the title of best speed bag platform features a solid heavy-duty steel mainframe and a wooden platform.

Attached to the board are two braceboards which ensures the platform will remain affixed to the wall no matter how hard you hit the speed bag. The drum also features fully-rubberized ends in order to ensure the safety of the users.

It measures 25 inches in diameter and 1 and a half inches in thickness.The platform comes with a very durable swivel as well. This swivel can contain most types of speed bags of various sizes.

One of the best things about this product too is that it comes with all the hardware you need in order to set up except for the wall mount.


  • Brackets are sturdy and ensures stability
  • Swivel is durable and can fit most sizes of speed bags
  • Comes with all hardware to set up
  • Fully-rubberized ends are there to ensure safety of the user


  • Does not come with a wall mount

What You Need To Know

For those who are new to the training gym, it might be a foreign concept as to why considering a speed bag platform is important. However, before we dive into what makes a great speed bag platform, let us first talk about the different benefits of using speed bag platforms.

  • Coordination

As some of you may already know, using the speed bag is a wonderful way to test and improve your hand and eye coordination.

The eye has to adapt and coordinate with the hand in order to create a steady pace while hitting. Footwork can also be incorporated in order to better test and improve coordination skills.

  • Rhythm

Using a speed bag and its platform will allow you to train your hands and arm to have a fluid motion.

Training with the speed bag will also allow you to train your hand to use consistent effort and power everytime it hits the speed bag. As such, a boxer’s rhythm and timing in hitting is improved, which is a fundamental aspect of boxing.

  • Behaviour

This aspect is often overlooked but thru speed bag training, a boxer’s behaviour is generally improved. As you probably all experience, when something comes directly in your face, the first reaction is to evade and blink, however this is a different case if your training with a speed bag.

When the speed bag goes towards you, with just inches away from your nose, you are trained to not flinch. This allows a boxer to be more vigilant in their fight during a real match. This effectively improves their defence.

  • Workout option

For some, speed bag training may sound grueling but for some, it may be a fun activity that they can incorporate to their workout routine.

Not only does it build arm and shoulder strength, it also tones your body and defines it. It also builds your endurance and your cardiovascular system’s resistance. You can also just punch just to relieve stress!

What You Need To Look For

Now that we have discussed the benefits of having a speed bag platform, let’s now discuss what are the factors that you should consider in choosing the best speed bag platform for your needs.

After all, this is quite an investment so you only want the best speed bag platform right at the very start of your journey!

1. Strong Frame

As a prerequisite, it is important to note that a sturdy and durable frame is important in choosing the best speed bag platform. It is one of the key areas, which defines a great speed bag area in the training gym.

A great platform that is secured by a strong frame will ensure that the drum is kept tight, making sure that the rebound action of the speed bag platform is always in top-notch condition.

Afterall, speed bag platforms are designed in order to improve your rhythm and timing, and nothing can ruin that more than an inconsistent speed bag platform.

2. Adjustability

A great speed bag platform doesn’t just need to be strong and stable but also flexible to the boxer’s needs. As such, it is an important factor to note a speed bag platform’s adjustability. The greatest speed bag platforms can often be adjusted between 11 to 15 inches vertically.

Vertical adjustment is an important factor as different people in the training gym have different heights and thus being able to cater to their varying heights is a big plus.

It is also important to note size adjustment so you are able to select and choose different sizes of speed bags for your needs. This will help you achieve the results you need from your workout or training.

3. Quality Drum

If you aren’t still aware, the drum is the circle wherein the swivel and speed bag is attached to. It is important to consider a very solid and high-end material that can create consistent rebounds.

Traditional wood is often used but there are other more widespread materials that are being used to create drums nowadays: commercial-grade wood and melamine.

Some may be tempted to use plastic drums as they are cheaper but it is always worth the investment to go for much more durable drums made from wood.

Final Thoughts

It’s a bit hard to decide the winner of this bout however the crown goes to the XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811!

You may wonder why this was chosen as the speed bag platform does not come with a speed bag, however most professionals actually prefer to not have a speed bag included as they purchase them separately.

It fits all the components of a great speed bag platform well and as an added bonus it also includes the materials and everything you need to mount and assemble it.

The mainframe is really sturdy and strong which can resist all of your blows. The platform is also generously adjustable in height in order to suit various types of users and speed bags.

The platform itself is great as it is made from a 1.5-inch thick hardwood that is finished with a clear and glossy polish for aesthetic appeal and better endurance.

This model also features a unique swivel mechanism: ball-bearing. Last but not the least, it is one of the most silent models when working.

There you have it folks! I hope you picked-up valuable and sensible information from this article. If you have any more questions, suggestions or recommendations, do not hesitate to leave them below! Thanks! 🙂

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