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While power racks and squat racks may be a bit similar as one can also typically do squats in a power rack, some users just don’t have enough budget for buying expensive power racks if their only goal is to do squats.

While squatting is pretty much straightforward, a squat rack can massively improve the effectiveness of the exercise as it can accommodate weights while ensuring the user’s safety.

As such, I have compiled a list of the best squat rack so you’re sure to only have the best squat rack in your arsenal. Read away!

Reviews of Best Squat Rack

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If you have read my previous article about the best power rack, you may find this product familiar. This squat rack from Cap Barbell is making another feature on our list for one of the contenders of the best squat rack.

Why? Well, this squat rack is pretty much straightforward. It takes a very small amount of space as it pretty much only has one pair of two vertical bars wherein you can put your weight bars.

Don’t be fooled though, as this squat rack is actually pretty durable -- it’s made out of 14-gauge steel, which is more than adequate for most setups. Another reason why this squat rack is so durable is that it’s coated with a 3-step powder.

If you’re looking to do more than just squats, then this product also got you covered. It features a pull-up station with a bar situated at the top of the mainframe.

If you’re thinking about powerlifting, this product also got you covered as it can handle up to 300 pounds as further described in my article about best power rack.

This squat rack also features two short vertical bars at the base of the mainframe wherein you can store your weights for later use.

If you’re thinking about doing squats for extended amounts of time, you can do so safely with the help of this product’s double-gusset structure. After performing your exercise, you can easily store and remove the bars thanks to the mainframe’s ABS Sleeves.


  • Takes up a very small amount of space, ideal for a stand-alone squat rack
  • Made out of 14-gauge steel
  • Coated with a 3-step powder
  • Features a pull-up station
  • Can handle up to 300 pounds
  • Features two short vertical bars at the base for storing of plates
  • Safety is ensured with double-gusset structure
  • Easy handling of the bars thanks to ABS Sleeves


  • Set-up may be hard as some components may be missing


This squat rack from Body Champ is also pretty much a straightforward beast in this best squat rack game. First, this squat rack is notably more stable than the others thanks to two curved supports which connect the base and the two vertical bars of the mainframe.

It also has four built-in anchors at the bottom to ensure stability and security of the product and the user. Aside from this, it features two olympic weight plate holders, which is a great way for you to store your plates for later use.

This product also comes with two adjustable weight bar holders so you can freely adjust how high or low you want to set the bar. This comes with two anti-slip pegs which are always useful for doing about any type of exercise.

Lastly, the top of this product’s mainframe features a knurling bar which you can utilize to perform pull-ups or similar exercises. Lastly, this whole squat rack can freely support up to 300 pounds either on the bar and the hooks.


  • More stability thanks to two curved supports and four built-in anchors
  • Has two olympic weight plate holders
  • Features two adjustable weight bar holders
  • Comes with two anti-slip pegs
  • Features a knurling bar
  • Can freely support up to 300 pounds


  • It’s best if you buy better safety pegs for this product


Another contender for the best squat rack is this product from Valor Fitness. This squat rack is pretty much straightforward compared to its other power rack models, as it pretty much features only the components needed for a good squatting session.

First off, the mainframe features adjustable bar catches. The hooks on this product can freely hold olympic weight bars and even thicker ones.

The stands on this product are freely adjustable horizontally so you can pretty much fit any bar you want to the stands of this product.

The catches at the top of this product can freely take up to 500 pounds of weight, while the lower hooks and the spotter arms can hold up to 350 pounds.

If you want that simplified, you can do up to 500 pounds for squatting while 350 pounds for bench pressing. In addition to this, this product can freely store standard and olympic size plates.


  • Features adjustable bar catches
  • Can freely hold olympic weight bars
  • Catches at the top can hold up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Hooks at the bottom and the spotter arms can hold up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Can freely store standard and olympic size plates


  • May be a bit wobbly
  • Instructions to set up aren’t included


This squat rack may come from a peculiar manufacturer but it’s actually a great contender for the best squat rack game. Let’s discuss why. First off, this squat rack is made up of top-tier steel which can freely take up to 480 pounds of weight.

As such, you are assured that this rack is sturdy and durable. The height on this squat rack is also freely adjustable so it can pretty much fit any height ranging from 46 inches to 68 inches.

The ends of this squat rack are also non-slip and resistant to abrasion so you can prevent damages to the floor. As for the design of this squat rack, it features a functional design which can hold weight plates.

The base of this squat rack is also secure due to a horizontal support attached to the two bases. With the durability and stability of this squat rack, it can freely allow you to do an array of exercises, not just squats.


  • Can freely take up to 480 pounds of weight
  • Made up of high quality steel
  • Height is freely adjustable
  • Ends are non-slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Can freely hold weight plates
  • Features a horizontal support for added stability


  • Only two of the four sides of this product are welded


For our last contender we have a full power cage coming in for the best squat rack competition.

This squat rack from Fitness Reality doubles as a power rack and a cage wherein you can perform a multitude of exercises, but it helps in doing push-ups pretty well.

This power rack is sturdy as it’s made out of a 1-inch round 12-gauge steel and also features pins and locks for security. As such, it can hold more than the other contenders on this list as it can freely support up to 800 pounds.

The holes on the mainframe of this product are well-holed and are aligned. The welding job done on this product is also great and can last for quite a beating. It comes with solid hooks and safety bars to ensure the safety of the user.

If that’s not enough, the top of this squat rack also features a pull-up bar with knurls at both ends to allow the user to grip well.

Setting up this power rack is also really easy as you only need a wrench and a socket. The instructions are pretty much straightforward and you’ll be able to figure out this in less than 50 minutes.


  • Doubles as a power rack
  • Made out of 1-inch round 12-gauge steel
  • Features pins and locks for security
  • Can freely support 800 pounds of weight
  • Comes with solid hooks and safety bars for security
  • Features a pull-up bar with knurls
  • Only needs a wrench and a socket to set up


  • Nuts and bolts may not always come with the package

What You Need To Look For

Now that we’ve discussed the top contenders for the best squat rack, let us now discuss what we should consider when looking for the best squat rack.

The factors in finding the best squat rack are pretty similar when looking for the best power rack, and now let’s discuss them now! Read away!

1. Size

It is a definite must to consider the size of the squat rack as this will determine if you can perform the routine you want to do effectively without feeling tight. Choose a squat rack that offers adequate space both vertically and horizontally so you’re sure to fit. This is pretty much self-explanatory but of course the size will always trump the importance of squat rack performance, as you can’t do your routine on a tight squat rack.If you’re a gym owner however, choose a squat rack that is adjustable so it can fit more types of people.

2. Space

Space is also a great factor in this best squat rack competition. You should note how much space the squat rack takes up so you’re assured it fits well in whatever room you’ll put it in. If you’re just working out at home, a straightforward squat rack is great as this will allow you to focus more on squats. If you’re a gym owner, then a power rack cage is better as this will allow your clients to not only do squats, but also a variety of other exercises including deadlifting.

3. Durability

Durability is an indispensable factor in looking for the best squat rack and this is pretty much self-explanatory. Higher durability would mean you can put more pounds of weight to you squatting session, while not compromising your safety. As such, no matter how light of intense your exercise or routine is, I generally advise you to always go for a durable and tested rack. As such, you are ensured your safety.

4. Accessories

Some squat racks don’t come with accessories, but accessories are actually a great addition to power up your routine. I generally advise going for benches as they can allow you to perform more relevant and important exercises which are a great addition to bench squats.

5. Ease of Use

It should also be noted that the squat rack that you choose is easy to assembly and use. It shouldn’t be too complicated and should be pretty straightforward. While more features are a definite big plus, you should note how to use them or else they’ll be useless.

Final Thoughts

With all the factors that we should consider when choosing the best squat rack, the winner for today is Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand!

If you’re questioning why, let me further reinforce this choice. First off, it handles squatting with ease and is designed mainly for squatting purposes. Despite only having two vertical bars, they’re actually very durable as they’re made out of 14-gauge steel.

This is further reinforced by the 3-step powder coating. As such, this squat rack can freely handle up to 300 pounds of weight, which is adequate enough for squatting.

The base of this squat rack also features two weight plate storages so you can conveniently store your weights for later use.

The double-gusset structure of this product also helps you in using the product for extended periods of time. Handling and storing the bars are also easy thanks to the ABS Sleeves in this product.

So there you have it, guys! I hope this article really helped you on finding the best squat rack for you! If you have any more questions, suggestions or recommendations, please do not hesitate to leave them down below! 🙂

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