How to Build A Squat Rack — An Easy to Follow Detailed Guide

Got a bunch of fitness goals but got no time at all to hit the gym? You can ease up and try not to worry so much because I’ve got the right solution to your problem in this very article. Enter, squat rack.

Squat rack otherwise also known as power rack is a workout tool that can totally cover if not all then a wide range of fitness workouts you plan to do. With a squat rack, you get to have a vehicle that will allow you to accomplish and achieve all your aims for your body.

Unfortunately, a squat rack may also cost a lot. Luckily, there are ways to get them for a lower price. And no, that is not by buying one from a gym equipment store sale.

It is by DIY–ing one. When you do it yourself, you get to customize its specifications according to your own desires. Here in this article is a specific guide on how to build squat rack. Read away!

What You Will Need

  • Power drill — For the purpose of drilling screws to secure your frames.
  • Measuring square — To establish the scale of the space you will allocate for your squat rack.
  • Hand saw — This tool is used to cut pieces of your wood that will serve as your frames.
  • Wood screws — These screws will serve as the locks that can shut tight your frames and keep them secure.
  • Pilot holes — These will come in handy since these holes will serve as your guide for the actual wood screws to be inserted and drilled
  • Pipes — A hollow cylindrical tube that will serve as one of the basic foundations of your frames that will make your squat rack serve its purpose. It will be considered your weights.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: Get All Materials from the Buying List Stated above

DIY projects are may cost you a little more time at a given moment, however, they are still the most resourceful and efficient way to go.

Most especially, given that squat racks that can be bought commercially cost a lot more than the price for buying all individual and separate materials combined.

Step Two: Establish the Frames

To build your frames well, you first have to establish the size and scale of your space. I suggest keeping it at a minimal. However, you can scale your rack depending on whatever space you have accessible to you.

The simple logistics of a squat rack makes this possible.Then let’s begin by cutting off two woods of sizes 2 by 6 inches. Then cut your two 2 by 4 sized woods.

What these two woods will stand for is to support beam in the upper and your squat safety bar, respectively.

You may or may not opt to keep your upper support beam at eight feet, the choice is up to you, but just remember that if you possess a ceiling that is a bit low, then you may want to consider the factor that your face may hit it when doing pull ups.

After the upper frames, you may now move on to the frames for the bottom part of your squat rack. Begin by cutting off parts for your bottom support beam. Most usually, your bottom support beams must reach beyond the borders of the squat rack sides.

This is because these extra sides serve as support for your pull-ups whether it is the normal one or the more complex ones.

Both beams — top and bottom — must be secured by your wood screws every single one positioned at a 45-degree angle. After all these, your main and core frames have finally been established.

You may check first how it all fits with each other. Afterwards, you may now put the flanges in alongside with your support beams.

Step Three: Assemble All the Frames Together

You may start placing your frames on the ground starting with your pipes. Afterwards, you may start to add in your back support for the beams for the bottom part.

These back supports must, of course, match the measurements and specifications of your actual support beams. The main purpose of this step is to basically erect all your frames and ensure that the basic foundation is standing upright.

However, your squat rack will still not be complete without some support in the form of brace beams and the like.

Step Four: Finish by Giving Additional Support

The measurements and specifications you will decide on for your squat rack can be totally up to you.

However, I suggest that for an airtight security, you may or may not opt to add some support braces that will run from the support beams all the way to basic vertical frame while positioned at a 45-degree angle. In addition, you may also add some top support beams.

Added Tips

In the face of building squat racks, you also need to be equipped pretty well with all the necessary additional information to ensure a reliable squat rack.

  • Make sure that the holes you have drilled are consistent in size, in measurement and in diameters. In addition, the must come from top to bottom. This is for the purpose of your lifts that can either be low, medium or high.
  • You may consider testing your squat rack ability by testing the following. First, check if it can be anchored down to the floor.
  • Second, if the screws are strong and secured. This means your frames should not be loosely built. Third, the overall construction of your squat rack must be sturdy enough
  • It is best if your frames or attachments can be easily adjusted and customized to fit every single one of the positions you may revisit every now and then.
  • However, it goes without saying that while the frames must be easily adjusted, the screws must still be secure and tight.

Final Thoughts

Building squat racks certainly takes time and all the necessary sourcing of all materials, equipments and tools needed. But for the purpose of cost efficiency or all the money that you can save and expenditures you can cut, the hassle will be certainly worth it.

With squat racks, you get to be able to exercise all your workout routines to accomplish your fitness goals. All you need are a bunch of woods that will serve as the frames of your squat racks.

Second, you need a hand saw to accomplish the task of cutting your woods. Third are some wood screws to secure your frames. Lastly, you will also need some pipes which can serve as your weights for your workouts.

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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