How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast Naturally – A Complete Guide

Having big buttocks seem to be the growing trend nowadays and can add to your aesthetic appeal. Most people are often impatient and thus, they opt for artificial ways of getting bigger buttocks such as implants and surgeries.

This is obviously not what you want as they can cause complications and are often pricey. As such, I have made a guide on how to make your buttocks bigger fast naturally! I promise you’ll get in shape in a natural and healthy way! Read away to find out more!

Importance of Diet

It is important to note that mere exercise won’t help you get the desired toned buttocks that you want. Diet is just as important as exercise here in building and toning your buttocks. Without exercise, you won’t be able to grow your buttock muscles.

Without proper diet, your exercise won’t have anything to tone. As such, they are both of equal importance in toning your buttocks.If you don’t know what kind of foods to eat, I got you covered. One of the best foods out there for toning and growing your butt is Quinoa.

This superfood has a great amount of protein as well as essential amino acids. By eating Quinoa, your glutes will have more mass which is definitely a great thing in toning and growing your butt.

One more great good to add to your diet are nuts. Nuts contain plenty of good fats and protein which are great for helping your glute muscles grow. Aside from that, nuts are also pretty rich in vitamins and minerals.

As an added benefit, nuts are also known to reduce cholesterol levels. Some great kinds of nuts that have these are walnuts and almonds.Lastly, one more fundamental food that you should add to your diet are eggs.

Eggs are very cost-effective and healthy options for pretty much anyone wanting to build muscle. Eggs contain a decent amount of protein as well as essential amino acids to help your muscles grow.

It also has a decent amount of energy that can help you out in your workout. I recommend eating them everytime you workout in order to help your muscles grow and repair.

Importance of Exercise

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of diet, let us now discuss why a great exercise routine is also important in building butts. It’s pretty much considered in general that exercise and workouts will tone your body into a better shape.

The reason behind that is because exercise and workouts stress your body to adapt to the amount of intensity and pressure that you’re putting in. As such, your body will grow when constantly placed under pressure.

There are a few misconceptions about the exercise component when building bigger buttocks. First, most people think that having varying exercise routines are better when building bigger buttocks. This is actually not true.

In fact, having different routines instead of having a staple one may often lead you to more harm than benefit.

The only thing that you should know when building buttocks, or pretty much any part of your body, is that the key concept that allows your muscles to grow is progressive overload.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s putting your muscles in a state of pressure and increasing the amount of pressure once your muscles get accustomed, so that they will continue to grow. Varying types of exercises isn’t the key, but varying the intensity of your exercise is.

Another misconception is that people think they can target specific parts of the glutes when building buttocks when building muscle. This is wrong and pretty much sways you from the real goal of building bigger buttocks.

The only thing that you should note is that you should strengthen your glutes with your hamstrings in order to achieve a bigger butt.

How to Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast Naturally

1. Forward Lunges

Forward lunges are one of the best exercises to work out your glutes. This exercise is pretty much straightforward so you can easily do this. I’ll be showing you how to do this exercise properly, read away!

Materials Needed

  • Workout mat
  • Dumbbells

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Put your hands on your side, keep your feet straight and apart by shoulder-width

Step 2

Pick up a pair of dumbbells for you to use. This is optional, but this is for added intensity

Step 3

Step your right leg forward while keeping your back straight. Keep the ankle in front of the knee.

Step 4

Take wide strides to focus on your buttocks. You should be able to feel your buttocks stretching.

Step 5

Push back the right leg back to the starting position

Step 6

Do steps three to five but with the left leg. This will count as one repetition.

Note: I advise that you do this routine for 4 sets with 12 repetitions each. Don’t worry if you can’t balance yourself, you will get better as you do the exercise.

2. Wall Donkey Kicks

Materials Needed

  • Wall

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

First find a vertical wall that you can lean on.

Step 2

Stand on the floor using your two hands while your back is rested against a wall.

Step 3

Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and tuck your knees below your hips.

Step 4

Go down using your knees and hands. Transfer your body weight using your toes and hands.

Step 5

Hold this position while kicking your feet to the wall. Make sure that your upper torso will stay stationary.

Step 6

Go back to the original position.

Note: I generally advise you to do this exercise for about 9 minutes for a decent workout.

3. 5-minute Comprehensive Program

This video by FitnessBlender below will show you a 5-minute comprehensive program that will show you exactly how to work out your glutes and your buttocks. You don’t need any materials for this and you only need to follow the video, so watch away!

Final Thoughts

Building a bigger butt takes practice and patience. It’s an equal mix of healthy diet and proper exercise. Of course, this won’t come easy, but by following my guide above, you are sure to get a bigger buttock in no time.

After getting a more toned pair of buttocks, you can feel more confident about yourself and you can even flaunt it to your friends. You can show them the amount of patience and hardwork that you gave off just to achieve a pair of bigger buttocks.

As such, this is truly a feat of honour. You should take note however that you should do these exercises in moderation.

Don’t overwork yourself as this will cause more harm than good. Be sure to be consistent with your exercise, and you’ll take small but sure steps towards your goal. Goodluck!

I hope this guide has helped you gain insight about how to make your buttocks bigger fast naturally! If you have any comments, suggestions, or thoughts, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks!

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