Powerblock vs Bowflex: Who Wins in the Dumbbell Face-Off

The world of bodybuilding and weightlifting, quite possibly, will never live to see the day without the existence of dumbbells. And certain dumbbells have certainly ruled this world.

Case in point, a pioneering brand which is Bowflex has been headlining a selection of selectorized adjustable dumbbells. These specific type of dumbbells possess some sort of structure that resembles a bed in which the dumbbells are housed in.

The actual dumbbells inside also possess a handle in which there are selector dials on each end. Moreover, these bed-resembling structures also house the pair of weight plates.

You may choose to pick one specific level of resistance through your dials and the handles will respond by locking the level in.

However, in modern times, one key player has come into the arena to play the game. It may be a relative newcomer compared to Bowflex but they have proven their game worthy. In the face of between dumbbells, find out the winner of powerblock vs bowflex.

Bowflex vs Powerblock: Toe to Toe

1. Size and Structure

The very first factor you really have to take into consideration of the size as well as the structure of the dumbbells you will be using. You use these pair of tools to reach your fitness goals and you use them with your pair of hands.

As such, these sets of tools must not be too bulky. Otherwise, your modes and movements will just be restricted. In turn, this will just prevent your body from doing a certain selection of workouts and exercises.

So let’s first go over the size and structure of Bowflex. With Bowflex, the footprints of your dumbbells are a little bit big considering that plates make up your chosen weight.

As such, this can be a little challenging for you to do exercises that will otherwise result into your dumbbells smashing onto your sides.

Example of these exercises is dumbbells curls. In addition to that, Bowflex dumbbells are also a little challenging to wield. This is because of their large length. As a result, you might not be able to effectively do exercises such as press benches.

Let’s go on to Powerblock. In this area, Powerblock may have a little more advantage over Bowflex. This is because with Powerblock, you just have to select a weight then only that same weight of structure has to be taken out.

On the contrary, with the Bowflex, no matter how low the level you select, you will still get a bulky Bowflex. This basically means that if you want the more functional and more efficient mode of weightlifting, I would suggest you go with Powerblock.

2. Adjustment Feature

Next, let us go onto the adjustment system of both dumbbells. Perhaps, this may be the most essential and crucial factor to consider. Of course, the first characteristic you need to find is something fast but efficient.

Something that matches your pace. It shouldn’t be a slowpoke that will mess with your rhythm.You may be happy to know that with Bowflex, you get a simple and fast system. Simply just key in the weight you desire on both sides, of course.

Then just proceed with your business. Meanwhile, there’s the Powerblock with its more complicated and complex system. You still need to use some selector pin. Then you need to put it out again and do some adjustment should you want to or make a mistake.

As such, it can be a serious hassle. In the event that you also have to take out about one kilo, you are going to have to open your mechanism that allows you to lock, remove the weight and place it all back.

3. Distribution of Weight

Third is the weight distribution. If you happen to use the Bowflex, most of the weight is put on the bottom part of the tool. What’s the reason for this? This is because your handle is already situated on top which leads to the unfathomable.

More than just this, this may not be ideal since the distribution may turn uneven when you are using a little more weight than usual.

Whenever you are exercising, the bar may rotate and turn to the floor. Additionally, this may also turn against the proper form of the notion ranges.

Meanwhile, you have the Powerblock. In terms if weight, you will get a relatively more even distribution. Just remember that with Powerblock, the more weight you placed on it, the more even it will be.

So just beware of getting rid of your weight bars that are housed inside the unit. In this area, Powerblock is certainly the winner.

4. Resistance

This option may not be that essential and crucial for some bodybuilders and weightlifters. However, this option proves a very helpful system when it comes to a number of certain exercises. Example of these exercises is overhead triceps.

So what exactly is resistance about? For starters, it is just any resistance. It is staggered resistance. With this resistance, all you gotta do is put more weight on the other side.

This is really not a usual preference but like I have said, this can be proven handy when it comes to certain workouts and exercises. However, there’s only one dumbbell that can give you this and that is the Bowflex.

Final Thoughts

So as a conclusion, let’s reveal the winner. In the battle between Bowflex and Powerblock, I am going to go and give this to the modern and newer player which is the Powerblock. They are both very useful and powerful.

However, Powerblock is certainly the way to go with if you want a more functional tool. More than just being functional, Powerblock is also more efficient and will more likely to match your goals and pace in terms of the systems it uses.

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. Thanks!

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